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Nara Tours from Kyoto – UNESCO World Heritage sites

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Situated 42 kilometres outside of Kyoto in Japan's Kansai region, Nara was the country's first permanent capital city. Only 35minute train journey from Kyoto, Nara has some of Japan’s oldest ...  Mere info

Bullet Trains

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Trend-defining safety, pressurized cabin comfort, record-setting punctuality, Shinkansen are the easiest and most exciting option to see the Japanese countryside. If your time in Japan is limited ...  Mere info

Kyoto from Tokyo

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Once imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto can be reached by the world-famous super fast “Bullet” (“Shinkansen”) trains in two and quarter hours. When at Kyoto you can visit the exquisite Japanese ...  Mere info

Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo

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As Japan's national sport, sumo wrestling is a major part of the country's culture. The vast majority of Japan’s sumo wrestlers live in Tokyo's Ryogoku district, which has served the sport's hub for ...  Mere info

3 Days in Tokyo: Suggested Itineraries

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Day 1: Get Oriented Tokyo is an enormous city, and with so much to do, it’s best to get yourself oriented (heh). A great option for those with a limited stay in Tokyo is the Tokyo Tower, Tea ...  Mere info

3 Days in Kyoto: Suggested Itineraries

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Known as the cradle of Japan's cultural heritage, Kyoto was Japan's capital. Today it's the country's seventh largest city, thoroughly modern while remaining Japan's most traditional city. Day 1: ...  Mere info

3 Days in Osaka: Suggested Itineraries

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The Japanese province of Kansai has Kyoto as its temple goddess, but working-class Osaka adds the down-to-earth charm of a very modern Japanese city to the province's list of attractions. Find ...  Mere info