Craighton Estate

Imagine enjoying a tasting of some of the world’s most expensive coffee, while strolling through the lush, Jamaican highlands just 45 minutes from Kingston. That’s the scene at the Craighton Estate, where you’ll tour an exquisite, Georgian style home that was constructed in 1805, and hear how this coffee is sold in Japan for hundreds of dollars per bag. The coffee that’s grown in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains is arguably the best in the world, and a guided tour of the Craighton Estate allows you to not only sample some of the smooth Arabica taste, but also learn how coffee was originally planted up on these slopes.

The rich taste of the coffee aside, the Craighton Estate also provides sweeping views of the valleys leading towards Kingston, as well as the magical, mist-shrouded mountains that stoically rise above town.

Practical Info

The Craighton Estate is about 45 minutes from Kingston at an elevation of 2,700 feet. Since the tour involves walking through the coffee fields at moderate elevations, plantation visitors should be relatively fit and able to hike at altitude. The tour usually takes about two hours and are arranged by appointment only.
Did You Know? All of Jamaica’s coffee beans originate from plants imported from Java in 1728?
Adresse: Craighton Estate, Irish Town, Kingston, Jamaica
Åbningstider: 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday
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