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Central Museum (Albert Hall)

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The Central Museum (Albert Hall), modeled after the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, opened its doors in 1887, making it the oldest museum in the state of Rajasthan. The Indo-Saracenic sandstone and marble structure was designed by English architect Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob and was originally meant to function as a town hall. The architecture alone makes this museum worth a visit./p>

The museum’s collection, while not well organized, consists of miniature paintings, costumes, folk art, woodcarvings, portraits and jewelry from Jaipur royalty and Rajasthani tribesman alike. Unfortunately, photography isn’t permitted within the museum, but you can snap shots of the building’s exterior to your heart’s content.

The Central Museum sits within the Ram Niwas Gardens, and the 33-acre (13-hectare) garden also includes a small zoo and bird park, a theater and a few small cafes and picnic spots.

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