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Det verdensberømte Colosseum blev bygget i år 80 e. Kr. for de romerske kejsere til dødbringende gladiatorkampe og vildtjagt, hvor publikum ...  Mere info

Roman Forum

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In Ancient Rome, the Forum was the centre of the Roman Empire. Until the 4th century AD, a thousand years of decisions affecting the future of Europe were ...  Mere info

Naples Cathedral (Duomo di San Gennaro)

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The Duomo is the main church of Naples. A wonderful Gothic cathedral built in the 13th century, it stands on the site of an earlier church dating from around ...  Mere info

Sorrento Cruise Port

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Sorrento perches high on the clifftops and is best known for its shopping, its proximity to the gorgeous Amalfi Coast and also to Pompeii. Sorrento itself has ...  Mere info


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Paverne var blandt de allerførste adelige, der åbnede deres store kunstsamlinger for offentligheden. Pave Julius II (1443-1513) begyndte at indsamle ...  Mere info

Vatican City

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Vatican City was created in 1929 and run by the Pope (who is the supreme monarch!). The official population is a little over 800 and it covers an area of 110 ...  Mere info

Det Sixtinske Kapel - Vatikanet

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En stor del af berømmelsen er direkte relateret til, at det også er pavesædet: Det Sixtinske Kapel er, hvor samles for at vælge en ny pave ...  Mere info

Da Vinci's Last Supper (Il Cenacolo)

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Whether you visit Milan due to your love of art or as a reader of Dan Brown Da Vinci Code, you’ll be sure to head to Il Cenacolo Vinciano to see Leonardo da ...  Mere info

Tivoli (Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este)

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Villa d'Este, in the town of Tivoli east of Rome, is a beautiful garden and palace complex that's listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The villa was ...  Mere info

Grand Canal

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The Grand Canal is the main street of Venice. Lined with beautiful, if aging, palazzo, you can hop aboard a gondola and imagine a time when these boats were ...  Mere info


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Milan’s Cathedral, or Duomo, is a much-loved symbol of the city. The most exuberant example of Northern Gothic in Italy, its spiky spires and towers dominate ...  Mere info

Doge's Palace

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Until 1797, the Doges ruled the Venetian Empire and the Palazzo Ducale was where they ruled from. It was one of the first things those arriving in Venice saw ...  Mere info

St Mark's Basilica (Basilica of San Marco)

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Basilica di San Marco (St Mark's Cathedral) is magnificent. It is both a wonderful architectural flurry of Gothic, Byzantine, Romanesque and Renaissance ...  Mere info

Castello Sforzesco

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The Castello Sforzesco (or Sforza Castle) is a huge, classically crenellated pile of red-brick masonry on the western edge of central Milan. The castle was ...  Mere info


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You'll catch glimpses of the red-tiled dome of the Duomo, or Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori, peeping over the rooftops as soon as you arrive in Florence. ...  Mere info