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Rom på tre dage

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Dag 1: byen Rom Oplev Rom med stig på-/stig af-bussen eller en særlig vandretur, der kommer forbi det gamle Rom, det barokke Rom, det jødiske Rom samt Roms kunsthistorie. Glem ikke ...  Mere info

Rome Your Way: Best Private and Custom Tours

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Explore Rome in style on a private tour! Whether you desire a more flexible Vatican experience or want to take your time viewing legendary art and historic structures, we have a variety of private ...  Mere info

Art Lover's Guide to Rome

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Michelangelo is considered one of Tuscany’s most famous sons, but many of the masterpieces for which is he is best known are not found in Tuscany. In fact, Michelangelo spent much of his life in ...  Mere info

Best of Vatican City

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Of the global cultural wonders which have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, only one represents an entire country: Vatican City. The world’s smallest sovereign state is – as well as being ...  Mere info

Spring køen over i Rom

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Du kan spare tid og besvær ved at bestille Spring køen over-billetter og smutte direkte ind. Spring køen over-billetter og Spring køen over-rundvisninger kan købes til ...  Mere info

Karneval i Venedig

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Datoerne for karnevalet skifter hvert år, da de er knyttet til det liturgiske år snarere end kalenderåret. I 2016 finder karnevalet sted fra 23. januar til og med den 09. februar.  ...  Mere info

Venice Gondola Tours with a Serenade

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Lie back and relax on cushions while a gondolier steers you through some of Venice’s most beautiful tucked-away canals. The ringing tones of ‘O Sole Mio’ echo off the centuries-old brick walls of ...  Mere info

Pisa Day Trips From Florence

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Take Pisa, for example. Not only is there so much more to see that its iconic leaning tower, but taking a day trip from Florence to Pisa, particularly with a knowledgeable guide, can only enhance a ...  Mere info

Amalfi Coast Tours from Rome

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The beguiling Amalfi Coast runs from Sorrento to Salerno, with jaw-dropping cliff-top panoramas, a coastline of rare beauty and a sparkling cluster of seaside towns including ravishing Positano and ...  Mere info

Ancient Rome Adventures

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The heart of Roman civilization, which once included some 80 million inhabitants, has now been reduced to a series of important ruins in the center of the city of Rome. It is believed that Rome ...  Mere info

Siena and San Gimignano Tours

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The city’s cathedral is a reminder of Siena’s proud centuries of independence. Siena is just one of the glories of this area. Dotted across the landscape are the high walls of hill towns which once ...  Mere info

Florence Cooking Classes

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Italians are known for their food, and each province has its specialties. But Florence is widely hailed for its Tuscan-style cuisine, seemingly sent from Heaven itself. And while eating out is a ...  Mere info

Dessert Tours in Rome

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You may have heard your family and friends debate whether Rome, or Florence, or Capri, has the best gelato in all of Rome. The gelato is so delicious all over Italy, it seems impossible to decide! ...  Mere info

Spring køen over-rundvisninger i Venedig

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Med sine flotte venetiansk-gotiske bygninger og bugtende kanaler har Venedig længe været kendt som en af Europas mest romantiske byer, men forvent ikke at få 'kærlighedens by' ...  Mere info

Tuscany Day Trips From Rome

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So much can be said for Rome and the surrounding south of Italy. But those who would sing the praises of its cobbled alleyways, ancient aqueducts, and bustling air of Italian joie-de-vivre, can only ...  Mere info