Sadberk Hanim Museum

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The Sadberk Hanim Museum was established by the Vehbi Koc Foundation and named in honor of Vehbi Koc’s deceased wife, Sadberk. Featuring the private collection of Sadberk Koc, the museum consists of two 19th century villas in the Buyukdere neighborhood of Istanbul. Opened in 1980, the main building, known as Azaryan Yalisi, covers about 4,300 square feet and includes a ground floor gift shop and tea room. Exhibits include gold coins of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic, Islamic and Ottoman art, Iznik tiles and ceramics, Chinese and Turkish porcelains, Beykoz and Bohemian glassware and women’s traditional costumes.

An adjacent building, known as the Sevgi Gonul Wing, opened in 1988 and houses archaeological exhibits from Turkey’s pre-Islamic period. Considered a fine example for contemporary museums, it was honored with the Europa Nostra Award the same year. Museum displays showcase a variety of lamps, jewelry, coins, beads, sculptures and glass from as far back as the late Neolithic and early Chalcolithic periods.
While the Sadberk Hanim Museum was founded with around 3,000 works, today it holds more than 18,000.
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