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New Mosque ( Yeni Cami)

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Istanbul’s New Mosque is actually over 400 years old. Sitting at the southern end of the Galata Bridge, construction of the mosque began in 1597 but was not completed until 1663. It was originally commissioned by the mother of Sultan Mehmet III but when the sultan died and his mother lost her position and income, construction ceased. After a fire destroyed much of the unfinished structure, the mosque was finally finished on the orders of Turhan Hadice, the mother of Sultan Mehmet IV. Based on the dome plan of the Sehzade and Sultan Ahmed Mosques, the New Mosque features sixty-six domes and semi-domes arranged in a pyramid. The main dome is 36 meters high and is flanked by four semi-domes. Like other Ottoman mosques in Istanbul, the mosque is preceded by a large courtyard, which features an ornamental ablution fountain in the center. The interior of the mosque is decorated with blue, green and white Iznik tiles and features colonnades of marble columns connected by arches.

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