Schynige Platte

Embrace the past with a trip up to the Schynige Platte on the historic 100-year-old cogwheel railway, taking just under an hour to chug along the 7km track from Wilderswil. The plateau, lying in the Swiss Alps at 1,970 meters, is blanketed in colorful wildflowers come the summer months and offers incredible views over the surrounding peaks of Jungfrau, Eiger and Silberhorn, the glistening Thun and Brienz lakes in the valleys below and nearby Interlaken.

A popular starting point for long distance hiking routes, as well as harboring a number of popular short circuit walks and a 500-plant strong alpine garden, there’s plenty to keep nature enthusiasts amused. Alternatively, pull up a chair and relax at the Berg hotel and restaurant, where the panoramic terrace seating adds a touch of luxury to the already-impressive vistas.
Adresse: Schweiz
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