Known as “the mountain of mountains,” Matterhorn is one of the Swiss Alps’ most famous peaks. Its rocky triangular apex reaches some 14,000 feet high into the natural skyline and on a clear sunny day, it is recognizable from miles away. 

Matterhorn has four steep faces that attract adventurers from across the globe. Whether it’s mountaineering, skiing or hiking, this iconic wonder has become one of Switzerland’s premiere outdoor destinations. 

Locals in Zermatt warmly welcome travelers—whether they’re looking to explore the rugged landscape or relax in a quiet community tucked amid some of the country’s most incredible Alpine scenery. And while venturing into the hillside of the great Matterhorn is certainly a highlight on any visit to Zermatt, travelers agree that the less strenuous trip to the mountain climbers’ cemetery, which pays homage to adventurers who lost their lives on the mountain, is a sobering—if memorable—stop, too. 

Practical Info

Picturesque views are best from Gornergrat, which is accessible via railway from Zermatt. Fit travelers can ride the train to the top and take the two-hour downhill walk back via a well-marked footpath.
Adresse: Gornergrat, Switzerland, Schweiz
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