Dynjandi (Fjallfoss)

Isolated and rarely visited, the Westfjords of Iceland are a unique and particularly beautiful part of the country. The Dynjandi group of waterfalls, located here, is one of the biggest draw to the area. Scenically spilling over 100 meters cumulatively, the shape of the many falls appears as one wide waterfall that is a sight to behold. In total there are seven falls cascading, and Dynjandi (which translates to ‘thunderous’) is one of them.

Aside from its size and natural beauty, the remoteness of this waterfall is what makes it special. It is even joked that there are more waterfalls there than people in the Westfjords. It’ll take some effort to reach it, but you may have it all to yourself when you do. And it will be worth it: in a country filled with so many natural wonders, it’s amazing that Dynjandi or Fjalifoss stands out to many visitors as the most beautiful in the entire country.

Practical Info

The Westfjords can be accessed by car or plane from Reykjavik. There is a small hiking trail to the falls from the main road. The nearest town is Isafjörður, roughly a 90 minute drive to the north, and where most tours to the falls originate. Hiking to the top offers the best views. A campsite is nearby to Dynjandi for nearer overnight stays.
Adresse: Dynjandi Walking Trail, Iceland, Island
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