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To discover another aspect to multifaceted China, take a day trip to Macau. The former Portuguese colony mixes crumbling fortresses with glitzy casinos, baroque churches with cobbled backstreets, and spicy Macanese seafood with classic dim sum. Macau’s exotic history and culture are evident at every turn, with eight squares and 22 historic buildings on the World Heritage List. Take a walk down the main street to the baroque Church of St. Dominic, tour the Jesuit Monte Fort, with its exceptional Macau Museum, and don’t miss the evocative ruins of the Church of St. Paul, its free-standing baroque facade a Macau symbol. A drive around the peninsula reveals yet more churches, beautiful colonial buildings, temples and gardens.

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Macau, heldagstur fra Hongkong

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Supplér besøget i Hongkong med en heldagstur til Macau, der engang var den ældste europæiske koloni i Orienten. Læn dig tilbage og nyd ...  Mere info

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