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Jumbo Floating Restaurant

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Anchored just off the Aberdeen waterfront in Aberdeen Harbour sits Hong Kong’s most famous restaurant. Aptly named Jumbo Floating Restaurant, a giant floating seafood restaurant that has been in operation since 1976 and claims to be the largest floating restaurant in the world, recently got a multimillion dollar refurbishment. Styled on the outside like a Chinese palace with tiered pagodas and ornate to the point of gaudiness, Jumbo Floating Restaurant, the interior is refreshingly contemporary.

The menu at Jumbo features the full range of Cantonese dishes with emphasis on fresh seafood, much of it caught the same day it’s served. You’ll also find Chinese favorites like Peking duck, roasted goose and a full dim sum menu served for breakfast and lunch. While prices are a bit higher than equivalent restaurants, many find paying a little extra well worth it for the novelty of eating at this iconic establishment.

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Hongkong, solnedgangssejltur med middag på Jumbo Floating Restaurant

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Oplev Hongkongs magi på en aftensejltur i Hongkongs glitrende Victoria Harbour, og derefter en 7-retters kinesisk middag om bord på Aberdeens ...  Mere info

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  • Varighed: 4 timer 30 minutter
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