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Alster Lakes

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Boating on the Alster Lakes is a special experience in Hamburg, highlighting the historic role of waterways in Germany’s biggest port.

Hamburg grew up around the River Alster, and the waterway has been dammed since the 12th century, transforming a river into lakes. The artificial Inner and Outer Alster lakes (Binnenalster and Aussenalster) are the dammed tributaries of the River Elbe, while the Alsterfleet canal separates Hamburg’s old and new towns. The elegant buildings of Hamburg, Germany’s second biggest city, put on their best face from the Alster lakes and canal. Longer excursions head north, crisscrossing from bank to bank of the Aussenalster.

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Privat guidet rundvisning: Hamborg

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Oplev den private guidede rundvisning: Hamborg – opdag de mange forskellige steder og seværdigheder i denne enestående by, og oplev byen som de ...  Mere info

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