Museo Popol Vuh

Housed on campus at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Popol Vuh Museum contains some of the most famous collections of pre-Columbian artifacts in the country. A private research institution, visitors to the museum have an opportunity here to learn about the history of Guatemala. The goal of the museum is to conserve, research and educate people about both the cultural and archaeological heritage of the country. It accomplishes this with its many exhibits within the property.

For starters, the museum contains one of the largest collections of Maya art in the world. Visitors to the museum can expect to see a varied collection within its small rooms, including stone sculptures, pottery and the Lord Bat sculpture. The museum is known for its ceramic collection, which is considered to be the best in Guatemala City, if not the country. Of special note are the collections of funeral urns, censers and ceramic whistles.

A small area within the museum is dedicated to colonial art and includes items like traditional clothing and more.
Adresse: Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Calle Manuel F. Ayau (6 Calle final), Guatemala
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