Selva Mágica

Selva Mágica translates to “Magic Jungle,” and that’s the theme throughout this amusement park beside the Guadalajara Zoo. With 38 attractions and rides in three categories (children, family-friendly, or extreme) there is something fun for everyone here. There are slower, classic rides such as a carousel, Go Kart racing, and bumper cars, and more thrilling roller coasters, waterfall slides, and a House of Terror. The “Choza Chueca” zone turns the world on its side — it’s a section of the park in which everything is crooked.

Selva Mágica’s tallest roller coasters include the newer Galeria Jubile and the Titan. The park is also home to the largest Ferris wheel in Latin America. Colorfully decorated and often lively, it’s a fun environment for family members of any age. Live shows and performances are frequent, and there are carnival games to play as well.

Practical Info

Selva Mágica theme park is located just outside of the city of Guadalajara, a short walk from the Guadalajara Zoo. It’s open Tuesday to Friday from 11am-6pm, and Saturday to Sunday from 10am-6pm. Weekdays see fewer crowds than weekends.

Admission prices depend on the package you select, starting with the Pase Mágico (21 attractions) for 100 pesos. For access to all 38 attractions, the cost is 300 pesos. It takes most of a day to enjoy the park in its entirety.
Adresse: Paseo del Zoológico 600, Huentitán El Bajo, Guadalajara, Jalisco 44390, Mexico
Åbningstider: Tues-Fri from 11am-6pm, Sat-Sun from 10am-6pm
Entré: Starts at 100 pesos
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Selva Magica Adgangskort

Besøger Guadalajara og træt af sightseeing? Book en billet til Selva Magica, en park, der giver sjov og underholdning for alle i familien. Afhængigt af hvilken type adgangskort du vælger (Mega, Platinum eller Platinum VIP pass), tilbyder parken mere end 35 forskellige attraktioner opdelt i tre kategorier: børn, familie og ekstreme. Bekvemt beliggende nær Guadalajara Zoo, vil Selva Magica spændte de små og adrenaline junkies ens.
  • Varighed: 6 timer
8,85 $ USD
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  • Varighed: 6 timer
8,85 $ USD

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