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Southern Archipelago

A collection of small islands located on the Kattegat Sea coast, the Southern Archipelago makes a fashionable holiday destination for Gothenburg locals, as well as a popular choice for boat cruises and day trips. The car-free islands offer a notable change of pace to mainland life, with their sparsely populated villages and traditional fishing settlements linked by scenic footpaths.

The largest and most built-up islands are Brännö and Styrsö, each served by a cluster of guesthouses and restaurants, but equally appealing are the tranquil beaches and sleepy villages of Donsö or Asperö, where walking, cycling and kayaking are the principal tourist activities. Additional highlights of a boat cruise around the archipelago include the nature reserve of Vargö, a top spot for bird watchers, the small isle of Köpstadsö, where wheelbarrows are famously used as transport, and the military-controlled Känsö island, which blooms with wildflowers during the summer months.

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