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Springbrook National Park

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Springbrook National Park is the lush, water-trickled remains of a prehistoric volcano. An explosion some 20 million years ago is what made this impressive plateau that looms over the Gold Coast skyline. All that rock is just perfect for hanging a heap of cool temperate rainforest vegetation - strangler figs, trailing vines, palms. It also makes the perfect launching place for countless waterfalls and cascades, and it's this that the park is famous for. Hike to one of the many vantage points for stunner views across to Mount Warning, the most spectacular of the volcano's remnants. Choose Best of All lookout if you'd like to see the stand of ancient Antarctic beech trees on the way up. Other highlights include Natural Bridge, a naturally formed rock bridge and cave with a waterfall flowing through it; Egg Rock; the park's colony of glow worms; and the chance to hear the virtuoso performance of the shy Albert's Lyrebird.

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Springbrook National Park Discovery - heldagstur med bushwalking

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Udforsk Roan Nationalpark med en ekspertguide på en heldagstur fra Brisbane. Parken er en del af Gondwana-regnskovene i Australien, og har vandfald, ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Brisbane, Australien
  • Varighed: 10 timer
  • Sprog: Engelsk
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