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3 Days in Flores: Suggested Itineraries

Af Viator, February 2015

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You are probably here to see the ruins of Tikal, and you will not be disappointed. The magnificent Mayan city is an engineering marvel, its ancient temple pyramids and covered walkways through the jungle still evocative of a civilization more advanced than almost any in the world during its heyday, about 300 to 900AD.

Plan an entire day to explore the fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you don’t book a tour from Flores, 65km (40 miles) to the south, you can hire one of the freelance guides milling around the entrance.

The lake island of Flores, in Lake Petén Itza, is much more than a comfortable base for exploring the ruins and natural attractions of the Petén. This scenic spot was the Itza Maya capital, known as Nojpetén (City Island), and the hub of Guatamala’s Mayan civilization for centuries. Ancient roads into the vast rainforests radiate out from the lake, marked by tiny towns that still welcome visitors.

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