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Brancacci Chapel (Cappella Brancacci)

Inside the Santa Maria del Carmine church in Florence’s Oltrarno neighborhood is a particularly famous chapel, the Brancacci Chapel. It’s famous not for who is buried there or who the chapel honors, but for the art that decorates it.

The cycle of frescoes that adorn the walls of the Brancacci Chapel were painted largely by Masaccio. He began work in 1424 when he was only 21 years old. Masaccio died only six years later in Rome, leaving the frescoes unfinished. Some were later completed by Filippino Lippi. After some restoration work, the chapel - called by some the “Sistine Chapel of the early Renaissance" - has been cleaned of centuries of dirt, making the frescoes appear almost as colorful as they might have been when they were first painted. Among the more famous panels is Masaccio’s “The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden” and “Payment of the Tribute Money.”

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