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Stonehenge is still one of the world's great mysteries. Who built it? Why? And how? Around 3,500 years old, Stonehenge is a massive circle of standing stones ...  Mere info

Tower of London

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The Tower of London is old, very old. The central White Tower was built by William the Conqueror after his invasion of England in 1066. Since 1485, the iconic ...  Mere info

London Eye

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Since it was officially opened on New Year's Eve 1999 (as part of the millennial celebrations), the London Eye has become one of London's most popular ...  Mere info

Thames River

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The Thames is the longest river in England, the second longest in the United Kingdom. It flows from the west in the Cotswolds, passing through Oxford and ...  Mere info

London Bridge

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London Bridge is the oldest bridge over the River Thames. While the current incarnation of the bridge dates from the 1970s, there has been a bridge in this ...  Mere info

Changing the Guard

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The Changing of the Guard is one of London's most famous spectacles. It is the official shift change of the Guards of the Household Regiment, who protect ...  Mere info

Buckingham Palace

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Buckingham Palace har tjent som den officielle residens for Storbritanniens monarker i London siden 1837. Blandt de mest imponerende rum er ...  Mere info

Houses of Parliament

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Westminster Palace, home to the British Houses of Parliament, is right on the river Thames. A magnificent Neo-Gothic building dating from 1840, it's most ...  Mere info

Castle Howard

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With over 1,000 acres of landscaped flower gardens, boating lakes and scenic woodlands, and a grand baroque façade that appears more like a royal palace ...  Mere info

Hyde Park

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London is full of huge parks which the locals refer to as the lungs of the city. Hyde Park is one of the biggest and best known. Another of Henry VIII's ...  Mere info

Brick Lane

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So infamous is the East London Street of Brick Lane that there was even an award winning novel and movie penned with the same name. The street, running from ...  Mere info

York Dungeon

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Whisking visitors on a hair-raising journey through York’s grim and gruesome past, the York Dungeon is one of the city’s most entertaining attractions, ...  Mere info

Borough Market

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You think you know what food markets are all about? Borough Market will change your mind, as this is a place of food dreams. On Thursday, Friday and ...  Mere info


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Soho is one of London's most famous areas. Bounded by Charing Cross Road, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue, it's a close-knit tangle of ...  Mere info

East End

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Renowned throughout Victorian times as the home of the working class, the birthplace of Cockney Rhyming Slang and the stomping ground of the notorious Jack ...  Mere info