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Visiting London's Royal Palaces

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One of the best known palaces in the world, Buckingham Palace is the primary residence of the British monarch. The stately palace features 19 state rooms that are only open to the public during ...  Mere info

The Beatles

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The story starts with the Beatles’ childhood homes: Mendips, the home John Lennon; Paul McCartney’s family home; Ringo’s home, and George Harrison’s childhood home. Next stop is St. Peter’s ...  Mere info

Harry Potter-rundvisninger

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Syv Harry Potter-bøger har fortryllet både børn og voksne gennem det sidste årti. Udgivelsen af en ny bog har været en forsidenyhed, og fans har ligget i kø i flere ...  Mere info

Liverpool from London

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The grandeur of Liverpool’s maritime past is clearly visible along its waterfront in the historic piers, and the Three Graces, three lovely historic buildings which once housed the major maritime ...  Mere info

Canterbury and Dover Day Trips from London

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Those wanting to learn more about the Cathedral’s illustrious history can head to the nearby Canterbury Tales museum, where Chaucer’s famous characters are brought to life in an entertaining ...  Mere info

Edinburgh Tours from London

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Scotland’s capital and cultural focus, Edinburgh is a hugely popular UK destination. With its castle, the Holyrood Palace, great shopping and dining, and lively pub and entertainment scene, it’s one ...  Mere info

Top Day Trips From London

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Even if you’ve only got a few days in England, London makes an ideal base for exploring further afield and with many of the country’s highlights within a short distance, there are numerous options ...  Mere info

Christmas in London

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Roam London’s streets to see the famous Christmas lights and on Christmas Day see the capital free from public transport and crowds. Perfect for festive photos of top London attractions such as the ...  Mere info

Sherlock Holmes Film Sites in London

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The Sherlock Holmes House and Museum makes the obvious starting place for tours and it’s testament to the widespread influence of the character that his fictional address has now been turned into a ...  Mere info

Thames River Lunch Cruises

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The Thames is London’s spine. Over history, it has served as a main thoroughfare for goods and people, including King Henry VIII when he and his courtiers were coming and going from Hampton Court ...  Mere info

Paris Tours from London

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Why visit just one great capital city when you could visit two? Back in the 18th century, Dr Johnson reckoned that if you were tired of London, you were tired of life, but that was before the advent ...  Mere info

Stratford-upon-Avon Tours from London

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Widely recognized as the greatest writer in the English language, William Shakespeare made his name with popular entertainments which provoked laughter, cheers and sometimes tears from raucous London ...  Mere info

Oxford Tours from London

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There are few places more quintessentially and unashamedly English than Oxford, a city so picturesque that even its nickname, "The City of Dreaming Spires," sounds lifted from a classic ...  Mere info

Stonehenge Inner Circle Tours from London

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There are few ancient landmarks as iconic as Stonehenge and the mysterious stone circle is as captivating as it is puzzling, making it a both a fascinating archaeological site and a crowd-pleasing ...  Mere info

Cambridge Tours from London

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As well as being a key destination on many multi-day tours of England, there are a number of Cambridge tours from London that offer the chance to explore the city’s unique history and heritage. ...  Mere info