Denver Zoo

Built on 80 acres of land in the Northern corner of Denver’s historic City Park, the Denver Zoo is a full day of animal excitement. The first of its kind in America, the highly regarded Denver Zoo did away with cages and began using naturalistic zoo enclosures beginning with its famous Bear Mountain back in 1906, and continues the trend of conscientious zoo maintenance and upkeep.

Today, a visit to the Denver Zoo is a pleasant, meandering stroll through Pachyderm Alley, Primate Panorama, Predator Ridge, Bird World, and many other intriguing exhibits which highlight the zoo’s 700 different species of animal, including the incredibly rare okapi, red-bellied lemur, Amur leopard, black rhino, and Siberian tiger. Take the train around the park, grab a bite to eat in the café, get up close and personal with flamingos, or go say “Hi!” to Mshindi, the world’s only rhinoceros that paints with a brush. This 3-ton artist’s work is on display in the Pachyderm House.

Practical Info

The Denver Zoo is located at 2300 Steele Street. Tickets are $15 for adults from March 1 to October 31, and $12 from November 1 to February 29.
Adresse: 2300 Steele Street, Denver 80205, USA
Åbningstider: March 1–Oct 31 9am–5pm; Nov 1–Feb 28 10am–4pm
Entré: Ages 2 and under: Free, 3-11: $10, 12-64: $15, 65+: 12
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Mile High Culture Pass

Udforsk Mile High Citys kulturelle højdepunkter i dit eget tempo med dette fleksible pas, som giver dig mulighed for at besøge syv af Denvers museer og attraktioner inden for en tre-dages periode. Passet aktiveres ved brug ved den første tiltrækning, og du kan besøge hvert sted en gang. Du kan også låse op for andre tilbud - som halvdelen af ​​Denver's cykeldelingsprogram for dagen - ved at downloade mobilpas til din telefon.
  • Varighed: 3 dage
32,49 $ USD
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  • Varighed: 3 dage
32,49 $ USD

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