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Of all the surviving Inca ruins which surround the Sacred Valley, most are known for their size, their age, or their complex level of construction. The Moray, however, located 31 miles northwest of Cuzco, stands out from many of the other ruins for its fascinating level of genius.

At the height of the empire, the Inca were regarded as some of the most successful farmers in all of the Western Hemisphere. Crops such as maize, quinoa, and various potatoes trace their roots to Andes, and the yield on crops which were farmed by the Inca regularly trumped those of their neighbors. Although the Moray might just look like a big hole in the ground, historians theorize that this multi-terraced depression explains the reason for the agricultural prowess. With concentric circles spiraling down into the Earth, the Moray is comprised of numerous terraces linked by zig-zagging steps. While it could almost even be classified as art, the Moray is instead a wonder of science.

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