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Dubrovnik Ancient City Walls

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Dubrovnik’s Old Town is completely surrounded by enormous stone walls that date back to the 10th century. Up to 6m (19ft) thick and 2.5m (8ft) high in places, ...  Mere info

Pile Gate

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Pile Gate is a grand entrance into Dubrovnik’s Old Town, on its western wall. Built in 1537 to protect the city from invaders and monitor trade, Pile Gate ...  Mere info

Diocletian's Palace

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This palace right in the heart of Split, was used by Roman Emperor Diocletian and is one of the best preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world. ...  Mere info

Gornji Grad (Upper Town)

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Encompassing the medieval hilltop settlements of Kaptol and Gradec, Zagreb’s Gornji Grad (Upper Town) is the capital’s historic district, looking down over ...  Mere info

Stone Gate (Kamenita Vrata)

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The dramatic Stone Gate (Kamenita Vrata) marks the eastern entrance to Zagreb’s medieval Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and is one of the city’s most iconic ...  Mere info

Donji Grad (Lower Town)

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The modern center of Zagreb might not be as strikingly picturesque as its higher altitude neighbor, but Donji Grad, the ‘Lower Town’, is still the focal point ...  Mere info

Peristil Square

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Peristil Square is Split's main square, the former entry hall in Diocletian's Palace. It is derived from a Roman architectural term called the peristyle, an ...  Mere info

Cetina River

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The Cetina River flows through 63 miles (101 km) of southern Croatia and drops down 1,260 feet (385 m) as it rushes down into the Adriatic Sea near Split. ...  Mere info


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A short walking distance from Diocletian's Palace, this hilly peninsula is a recreational park for both locals and visitors. A protected nature reserve since ...  Mere info

Mimara Museum (Muzej Mimara)

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With its grand neo-Renaissance façade presiding over Roosevelt Square in Zagreb’s Donji Grad (Lower Town), the Mimara Museum (Muzej Mimara) is impossible ...  Mere info

Klis Fortress

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Klis Fortress is a small medieval stronghold near Split, Croatia. The fortress dates back to the 7thcentury. Though it started as a small stronghold, it ...  Mere info


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Salona is an ancient town just outside of Split, Croatia. Originally set up by the Greeks and later conquered by the Romans, it was once the capital of the ...  Mere info

Plitvice Lakes National Park

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A national park since 1949 and a World Heritage Site since 1979, Plitvice (prounounced pleet-wee-cheh) is still relatively new on the European tourist trail, ...  Mere info

Dubrovnik Cruise Port

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The Adriatic city of Dubrovnik, in southern Croatia, has one of Europe’s most picturesque medieval districts, known for its red rooftops and even more famous ...  Mere info

Temple of Jupiter

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A few steps away from the Cathedral of St Dominus and St Duje -- at the end of the street Kraj Sveti Ivan -- is a temple dedicated to Jupiter, named after his ...  Mere info