3 Days in Copenhagen: Suggested Itineraries

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No matter what your interests, Copenhagen has plenty on offer. Historic or modern, sleek shops or cozy cafes - it's all nestled right in the heart of a compact city and presented with typical Scandinavian assurance and flair.

Day 1: Hop on, hop off, take a tour, have a shop

A Copenhagen City and Harbor Cruise  is the perfect starting point to a trip to Copenhagen. Take in the major sights by coach – the famous towers and palaces and the pretty Tivoli Gardens – before hopping on a canal boat at the old Fish Market and cruising the bustling harbor. The tour ends just a few minutes' walk from the main shopping strip of Strøget. Stroll the shops before jumping on a hop-on hop-off bus to take some snaps and hit up some of the sights from the morning that took your fancy.

Day 2: Swedish day tripping

Let's face it – how cool would it be to say "oh, I'm just going to Sweden for the day?" Sweden is just a short ferry ride from Copenhagen so why not take advantage of that proximity? With a day tour you can dip into the Swedish cities of Helsingborg, Lund and Malmö, while feeling like you're taking a cruise to get there. You'll follow the coastline to Elsinore, passing through fashionable resorts and pretty residential areas. (The ferry ride takes about 20 minutes.)

Day 3: The Castles

Why not get a little Shakespearian culture in your veins by exploring castles from the bard's famous play, Hamlet. You will be enchanted by the tales of Shakespeare as you escape to the intriguing Elsinore Castle. Bring along your camera for the photo stop at Fredensborg, the Queen's summer residence. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the Danish Riviera on your return journey to magnificent Copenhagen. Unmissable!
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