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Copenhagen Zoo

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With a history dating back to 1859, Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Europe and one of the country’s top tourist attractions. The animal inhabitants of the 11-hectare park span all corners of the globe, including rhinoceros, giraffe, zebra and lions, alongside a number of rare and endangered species like red pandas, polar bears and amur leopard.

Visitors can marvel at local wildlife in the dedicated Nordic area, where reindeer, muskox, brown bears and grey wolves can be found; watch hippos swimming from an underwater lookout in the Hippopotamus House; interact with farm animals, reptiles and snakes at the petting zoo; or climb the 43.5 meter high observation tower, for expansive views over the surrounding city and parklands. Additional highlights include the Elephant House, designed by legendary British architect Sir Norman Foster to house the zoo’s Asian Elephant breeding program.

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Copenhagen Card

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