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Christian's Harbor (Christianshavn)

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Christianshavn is a man-made island neighborhood in Copenhagen. It was established in the early 17th century by King Christian IV as a military fortification and center for commerce. Divided by a network of canals, it is often compared to Amsterdam in style.

Christianshavn used to be a working-class neighborhood in the 20th century, but it has since evolved and now is considered to be quite a lively, diverse, and trendy neighborhood. Its streets branch out from the main canal and the houses are colorful and quaint. It is a great area for a stroll or to grab a meal.

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Kanaltur i København

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Se seværdighederne i København fra vandsiden på en 1-timers havnerundfart! Slap af i den nedre salon eller gå ud på dækket og nyd ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: København, Danmark
  • Varighed: 60 minutter
  • Sprog: Dansk Engelsk
Fra USD 13,68