Magellan's Cross

In April 1521, Catholic explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived on the shores of Cebu and ordered a wooden cross planted there. According to local legend, the very same cross still resides in Cebu today, housed within an eight-sided stone chapel built over 300 years later near Cebu City Hall. A large mural on the ceiling of the building depicts Magellan in the act of planting the cross. You'll see a similar painting at Fort San Pedro.

The original cross has been encased in new wood to protect it from visitors who remove small splinters of wood to take as a souvenir. Catholic devotees flock to Cebu’s most popular attraction to light a candle in front of the cross while offering up a prayer for protection. Whether or not you're religious, you should still set aside some time to visit this free attraction.
Adresse: Magallanes Street, next to Basilica del Santo Nino, Filippinerne
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