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Muddy's Playground

Muddy’s Playground is a modern water playground that, despite its name, doesn’t cover kids in mud! Incorporating active, passive, educational and interactive elements in its play equipment, Muddy’s is hugely popular with Cairns locals. Themed around the waterfront it sits on, Muddy’s includes a range of equipment for kids of all ages, including bits that don’t even get them wet. Water play areas are in addition to a flying fox, a track ride, a rope bridge, multiple slides, sound chimes and many puzzle games.

In the wet area, a small stream on the southern end of the playground is perfect for supervised toddler play, and a fish area is great for little kids. The biggest attraction of the playground is the water jets that shoot water out of the ground at random intervals. Also in the playground is a disabled-use liberty swing. Muddy’s has two bathroom facilities, as well as picnic tables, barbecues and an expansive lawn.