Granite Gorge

Granite Gorge Nature Park showcases the unique landscape west of Cairns and celebrates Australia’s Northern Savannah wilderness. Ancient volcanic activity defines the landscape, forcing huge granite boulders above grounds in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes. Walking tracks traverse through the boulder field, letting visitors get up close and personal to these massive monoliths. Granite Gorge is a fantastic place for bird and wildlife watching. Wild rock wallabies inhabit the gorge, and visitors are able to see them in their natural habitat, including the rare and endangered Mareeba unadorned rock wallabies. Possums, gliders, Frilled Neck Lizards, Quolls, echidnas and more also call the gorge home. Over 200 species of bird live in the Northern Savannah region, including tawny frog mouths, kookaburras, and more, with migratory species such as koels arriving every spring.

As well as its namesake boulders, Granite Gorge is dotted with deep, cool swimming holes. Too far inland to be inhabited by the crocodiles that are common around the coast, the swimming holes are home to nothing more sinister than turtles and fish, and are perfect for a relaxing swim.
Adresse: 332 Paglietta Road, Mareeba, QLD, Australia, Australien
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