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What most visitors truly seek in Chablis is the wine. The flowery, crisp white nectar is made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes and isn’t quite as fruity as other white wines typically found in Burgundy. Monks from the Abbey of Pontigny, upon settling on the slopes surrounding the River Serein in the Dark Ages, realized that the microclimate they found themselves in could only bring novel flavors to their cultivation. Indeed, the chillier temperatures slightly stimulate the acidity of the grapes, which is only further enhanced by the stainless steel tanks used by local wine-makers, rather than traditional oak tanks.

There are various vineyards and cellars open to visitors in Chablis, each worth a visit; the most popular one being William Fevre, where wine aficionados can taste different Chablis wines by the glass and eat regional delicacies in the atmospheric setting of the village’s historic hospital, surrounded by 51 hectares of vineyards.