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Museo Evita

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The Evita Museum (Museo Evita) is devoted to its namesake Eva Perón (affectionately nicknamed ‘Evita’), the subject of the world-famous stage and film musical of the same name and one of Argentina’s most polarizing historical figures. Beloved by the working class, yet scorned by the opposing parties, the legacy of Evita is still steeped in myth and controversy, but there’s no denying that the First Lady to president Juan Domingo Perón remains one of the most fascinating and recognizable Argentines of all time.

Finally opening its doors in 2002 on the 50th anniversary of Evita’s untimely death, the museum is now one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, dedicated to telling the story of Eva Peron and unveiling some of the mystery that shrouds her political history. A series of exhibits and displays chronicle the life of the First Lady from her childhood to her political career and many achievements.

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