Liszt Ferenc Square

Named for Hungarian composer Ferenc Liszt, Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Square is a popular pedestrian square that draws locals and tourists alike. Lined with restaurants and cafes that feature outdoor seating in the summer, the square is constantly bustling with activity. Around the square you will also find several historic buildings, including a large concert hall and the Liszt Academy of Music, where you can learn about Hungary’s musical history and see books and manuscripts donated by top Hungarian musicians. A bronze statue of the composer stands in the middle of the square and a tourist information booth is not far away, making it a good starting point for your visit to Budapest.

Nor far from the square, you will find Nagymezo Street, which is often referred to as Budapest’s Broadway, as well as numerous theaters, clubs, high end boutiques and restaurants.

Practical Info

Ferenc Liszt Square is in the center of Budapest, just off Andrassy Avenue. If your hotel isn’t within walking distance, take the Metro to either Oktogon or Opera. It is open 24 hours a day throughout the year.
Adresse: Ferenc Liszt Square, Budapest, Ungarn
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