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Central Market Hall

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The Central Market Hall is the largest indoor market in Budapest, Hungary. The ornate building is more than 100 years old and has three stories filled with stalls. The roof is still original and is covered in colorful Zsolnay tiles. There are four other markets in Budapest that were built in the same style with similar roofs, and all five opened on February 15, 1897.

The market hall is frequently visited by tourists, though many locals shop here on a regular basis as well. There are stalls selling fruits and vegetables, Hungarian meats, fish, local cheeses, Hungarian herbs and spices, Hungarian wines and spirits, clothing, purses, accessories, and souvenirs. There are also a few restaurants where you can try local dishes such as lángos, which is yeast-based dough deep fried in oil and topped with different things like sour cream, cheese, and garlic. The Central Market Hall often holds special events featuring the cuisine of foreign countries.

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Cykeltur i Budapest

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Budapests oprindelige og mest velkendte cykeltur er en nyskabende, underholdende og afslappende måde at se de fleste af byens seværdigheder på ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Budapest, Ungarn
  • Varighed: Dagstur på cykel i Budapest - 3,5-4 timer
    Aftentur på cykel i Budapest - 2,5-3 timer
  • Sprog: Engelsk
Fra USD 24,79

Stig på/stig af-tur med Big Bus i Budapest

95 anmeldelser

Oplev 360-graders udsigt over Budapest på turen i en åben Big Bus-dobbeltdækkerbus med lydkommentarer. Billetten er gyldig i 24, 48 og 72 timer ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Budapest, Ungarn
  • Varighed: Varierer
  • Sprog: Dansk Engelsk
Fra USD 25,97