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Brussels Royal Palace (Palais Royal de Bruxelles)

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Although the Royal family no longer call the Royal Palace (or Palais Royal Bruxelles) home, it is where the King and Queen still have their offices and the ...  Mere info

Manneken Pis

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The Manneken Pis, a bronze fountain statue by Jerome Duquesnoy, dates from 1619 when it replaced a stone statue from the 1400s. The residents of Brussels have ...  Mere info

Magritte Museum (Musée Magritte)

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Belgium’s most loved surrealist, René Magritte, now has the 26,000 square foot (2,400 square meter) Musée Magritte dedicated to his works. In 1926 ...  Mere info


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Europe’s most picturesque square, Grand-Place is surrounded by baroque and gothic guildhalls and the stunning 315 foot (96 meter) Brussels Town Hall. The ...  Mere info

Place du Grand Sablon

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Sablon is a smart little quartier and one of the most charming in Brussels; it is an intricate maze of cobbled streets set around two delightful squares, and ...  Mere info

Sablon District

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The Sablon District is a neighborhood in Brussels that was once home to the city's elite. In the 15th century, the Church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon ...  Mere info


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If you’ve only got a few days in Brussels, make a speedy tour of the major sights of the countries in the European Union at Mini-Europe – all in miniature. ...  Mere info

Herge Museum

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Belgium has produced more comic-strip creators than any other country, and one of the world’s favorite comic characters flowed from the pen of Georges Remi, ...  Mere info

Cinquantenaire Park (Parc du Cinquantenaire)

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A large public park, the Cinquantenaire Park (or "Parc du Cinquantenaire" as it is known in French) is dominated by buildings built for the 1880 ...  Mere info

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

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Brussels has several top-class museums and the Royal Fine Arts Museum is foremost among them. The four main galleries are adjacent to each other in the place ...  Mere info

Palace of Justice (Palais de Justice)

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The Palace of Justice is believed to be the largest building constructed in the 19th century. It’s covers 260,000 square feet (24,000 square meters) and ...  Mere info

Hard Rock Cafe Brussels

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Blending the classic atmosphere of an American diner with the devil–may–care edge of rock ‘n’ roll, the Hard Rock Café is much more than just a café ...  Mere info

European Union Parliament

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Brussels is the administrative heart of the European Union and the Espace Léopold buildings are where parliament meets throughout the year to debate and ...  Mere info

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

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One of the city’s most striking landmarks, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart was built to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Belgian independence. King ...  Mere info

Musical Instruments Museum

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The Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels celebrates the making of music with thousands of instruments from around the world. In one section, visitors can ...  Mere info