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Antwerp Tours from Brussels

Af Viator, May 2018

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Belgium’s thriving second city is the hub of funky designers and diamond traders; Antwerp’s historic center reveals wonderful cobbled squares lined with gabled medieval buildings and magnificent churches while the city also boasts Europe’s largest harbor in which the River Schelde meets the North Sea.

Antwerp is easily accessible just 45 minutes north of Brussels and makes the perfect day trip, so grab the chance to take a guided tour to explore the city’s many secrets.

Many of Antwerp’s foremost sights lie in the pedestrianized old city; at its heart lies Grote Markt, an awesome cobbled space dominated by the city hall and wonderfully ornate gabled guild houses. Nearby the ornate Butchers Hall was built during Antwerp’s 16th-century Golden Age, when it was one of the largest cities in Europe; today it houses the City Sounds Museum.

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