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Samba Experiences in Rio de Janeiro

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With troops of bejeweled dancers gyrating on stage, glittering floats parading through the Sambadrome exhibition hall and costumes so dazzling you’ll need your sunglasses on even at night, Rio de ...  Mere info

Karneval i Rio de Janeiro

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Fem dage med storslåede parader på Rios ikoniske Sambadrome, gadefester i hele byen og mere end 500.000 besøgende fra hele kloden. Rio de Janeiro er kendt for at være vært ...  Mere info

Favela Tours in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio's 900+ favelas are home to hundreds of thousands of people, packed tightly in astonishing density and replete with all the violence, criminality and squalor that one might expect when extreme ...  Mere info

Soccer Experiences in Rio de Janeiro

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From Ronaldo’s record setting World Cup goals to Pele’s hat-trick of World Cup victories, few countries have churned out so many legendary international soccer players as Brazil, so it’s no surprise ...  Mere info

3 Days in São Paulo: Suggested Itineraries

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Get to know one of the world’s largest cities by heading directly into its heart with a tour of neo-Gothic Sé Cathedral and a few hours of free culture at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. ...  Mere info

3 Days in Rio de Janeiro: Suggested Itineraries

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Your first day in Rio is perhaps best spent getting oriented to the city. Get a bird’s eye helicopter view of the marvelous city guarded by giant granite rocks and vast blue oceans. Alternatively ...  Mere info

Suggested Itineraries: 3 Days in Foz do Iguacu

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While three days is more than enough time to see just the falls, there is more to Foz do Iguazu and the surrounding area that is worth exploring. Arrive in Foz do Iguacu and get settled in, ...  Mere info

3 Days in Manaus: Suggested Itineraries

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Manaus sits at the junction of two big rivers in northern Brazil, the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões, which combine to become the mighty Amazon. Ponta Negra beach, about eight miles from ...  Mere info