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Salem’s notoriety is due in large part to its central role in the infamous witch trials of the 17th century. Since then, Salem has been synonymous with witches, Wiccan culture and all things black magic. The town’s high school athletic teams are the Witches, some children attend Witchcraft Heights Elementary and witch symbols emblazon the police cars. Every year, tourists flock by the tens of thousands to bask in the kitsch of a city that, for all intents and purposes, celebrates Halloween every day of the year.

The downtown area is small but constantly humming with the bustle of tourists and the more than 40,000 residents who call Salem home. Must-see attractions include the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, where 20 stone benches each symbolize an individual executed during the notorious 17th-century trials. The memorial is open to the public and provides an eerie glimpse into the town's creepy past.

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