Abatan River

The Abatan River in Bohol winds its way through the town of Antequera to the town of Balilihan for an estimated length of 12 miles (20 kilometers). In the past, before the roads were developed in this area, the river served as a waterway for local people to reach the towns.

These days, the government has opened up Abatan River to the eco-tourism trade, with kayak and boat trips allowing visitors to explore the lush green scenery that the river has to offer. However, one of the most fascinating highlights of the Abatan River occurs at night, when a dazzling light show courtesy of thousands of fireflies illuminates the night sky. This spectacle has long been known to the locals, and it is only in recent years that visitors from other parts of the country and the world have come to witness it.

An evening firefly watching tour will navigate you through the mangroves to witness one of nature’s most incredible shows. Ideal for couples, private river cruises are available and often include a romantic dinner.

Practical Info

There is an Abatan River visitors center located in Cortes for more information about the history and wildlife of the river.

Did You Know? The Abatan River is one of Bohol’s three main rivers and serves as the main drainage system in the area.
Adresse: Abatan River, Bohol, Filippinerne
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Privat Bohol Aften Firefly Watching Cruise

Oplev en magisk aften, der ser på den flimrende glød af tusindvis af ildfluer i løbet af denne 4-timers udflugt med middag og et privat, guidet ildkørende cruise på Abatan-floden. Nyd en lækker middag med gourmet økologisk mad på Panglao Island, før du tager en afslappende privat båd krydstogt til vidne til dette utrolige naturlige syn. Da din båd navigerer gennem områdets mangroveskove, vil din guide hjælpe med at sætte denne smukke "lysvisning" i kontekst. Din tur inkluderer også rundturstransport fra Bohol hoteller, entré og middag.
  • Varighed: 4 timer
114,99 $ USD
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  • Varighed: 4 timer
114,99 $ USD

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