Sanssouci Palace

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Step back to the 17th century with a visit to the lavish rococo palace of Frederick the Great, Sanssouci. A reminder of the days when Potsdam was the royal seat of the Brandenburg-Prussian rulers, this famous palace is known for its voluptuous interiors and manicured gardens.

Built as a summer residence, the palace's name, meaning without care, is quite fitting. Visitors can tour the marble- and statue-filled rooms, the colonnaded courtyard, the grand dining room, the king's bedroom and the circular library. One of the most noteworthy rooms in Sanssouci Palace is the Konzertsaal (Concert Hall), which drips in rococo glory. And outdoors, the estate is surrounded by the terraced vineyards, fountains, temples, follies and leafy walkways of the 290-hectare Sanssouci Park, which rivals Versailles in opulence.
Adresse: Sanssouci Park, Potsdam 14469, Tyskland
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