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Prenzlauer Berg

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Prenzlauer Berg is a neighborhood in Berlin west of Mitte and was part of East Berlin while the city was divided. During World War II, relatively few buildings were destroyed in this area compared with other parts of the city, and as a result, there are over 300 buildings are protected as historic monuments.

The neighborhood has a wide variety of restaurants, bars and clubs where many people spend their evenings, mostly near the Eberswalder Strasse U-bahn station, as well as art galleries and trendy boutiques. In the western part of the neighborhood, near Mitte, you'll find Mauerpark. Literally translated, this means Wall Park. It was a section of the city where the wall separated East from West, and Mauerpark was in the no man's land between the layers of the border. It was the site of the Old Nordbahnhof (north train station) freight yard until the wall was built, cutting it off from the city.

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