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Olympic Stadium (Olympiastadion)

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The Olympic Stadium, which seats over 74,000 people, is best known for hosting the FIFA World Cup soccer championship in 2006. It is the central venue for major events and concerts in Berlin and also serves as home field to the football club Hertha BSC Berlin.

The Olympic Stadium was originally built for the 1936 Summer Olympic Games. Hitler took advantage of the opportunity provided by the Games to present a propagandistic image of National Socialist Germany to the world. For the duration of the Olympic Games, for instance, signs forbidding Jews to sit on park benches were removed so as not to detract from the Third Reich’s portrayal of itself. The construction carried out for the Olympics was the Third Reich’s first large architectural project. It was dubbed “Reichsportfeld.” Currently, there are 45 signs on a historical path at the Olympic site to learn more about the Stadium’s storied history.

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Stig på/stig af-sightseeingtur i Berlin

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