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Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

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Next door to the Grand Palace you’ll find the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho). It’s the largest and oldest wat (temple) in Bangkok and, as the name suggests, is home to the enormous reclining Buddha. You’ll also find many more Buddha images at Wat Pho, which is said to have more statues of the Buddha than any other Bangkok temple. The Reclining Buddha was crafted to celebrate King Rama III’s restoration (1824 - 51). At 150 ft (46 m) long and 49 ft (15 m) high it is the largest Buddha image in Thailand. The reclining Buddha is decorated with gold leaf and his eyes and foot soles are inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Wat Pho is the birthplace of traditional Thai massage and in 1962 a traditional medicine and massage school was established here. The school is still going strong and you can book massage appointments or apply to study at the school. Its reputation precedes it, so you'll need to book well ahead to get a massage.

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Bangkok tempeltur, inklusive den liggende Buddha i Wat Pho

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Fordyb dig selv i thaikulturens sjæl på en halv dags tempeltur i Bangkok. Besøg Wat Pho, kendt som fødestedet for traditionel thaimedicin ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Varighed: 3 timer
  • Sprog: Engelsk
Fra USD 46,78

Bangkok by Night på cykel

Oplev Bangkok på cykel på en 2,5 times aftentur, der dækker alle de vigtigste monumenter, templer og bygninger, oplyst efter mørkets ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Varighed: 3 timer
  • Sprog: Dansk Engelsk
Fra USD 26,51