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Outdoor Adventures in the Bahamas

Af Viator, January 2018

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White sand beaches, clear blue waters, and not a care in the world – welcome to the Bahamas. Island life has its many charms, and you can find them all amongst the lazy waters and low-hanging sunshine of the Bahamas. But if the beach days drag on and the sun gets to be too much to handle – don’t worry, there are plenty of outdoor activities in the Bahamas – there’s a lot more to this island chain than meets the eye. And getting out there and exploring it is easier than you might think. Here are some of the best outdoor adventures in the Bahamas.

Explore The Water

What’s an island got? A lot of water – that’s right. Some of the best adventures you’re going to have while on the islands has to do with zipping over the water, exploring its depths, or simply splashing around within it. And when it comes to it, snorkeling is a great option for all ages – it’s easy, it requires minimal equipment, and you’ve got the whole ocean world beneath you to explore.

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