Barton Springs

Everything in Texas is not just bigger, but better. Experience this yourself at Barton Springs in Austin, Texas. These naturally occurring springs turned public swimming and an outdoor experience in one easily accessible (and cheap) adventure.

While the Texas heat rages, it is a favorite pastime of Austin residents and their guests (Robert Redford included) to cool down amongst the fish and turtles in the cold water of Barton Springs Pool. An underground-fed spring over three acres in size was created when, millions of years ago, tectonic plates moved, the land shifted and fresh, cool, 68 degree water bubbled to the surface.

Open to all walks of life, the Barton Springs Pool ranges from shallow two-feet to over 12 feet deep, and promises to be a complete pool experience thanks to a diving board, a grassy knoll for the sunbathers, and five or more lifeguards on duty at all times to make sure that everyone is having a safe experience.
Adresse: 2201 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Texas 78746, USA
Åbningstider: Daily 5am-10pm, Closed Thursdays 9am-7pm
Entré: $3
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