Auckland Harbour Bridge

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With its iconic trestle, imposing arches and stoic industrial strength, the Auckland Harbour Bridge is an engineering marvel that defines the city’s skyline. Connecting the downtown area with the northern suburbs of Auckland, the eight-lane bridge stretches its steely span across the waters of Waitemata Harbour. Directly beneath the historic span, passing sailboats flit about the waters and are dwarfed by its towering grandeur.

Despite how nice the bridge is to look at, the main draw is the option to lace up some boots and walk on it. At a height of 143 feet above the water, the bridge offers a tremendous vantage point for viewing the Auckland city center. By booking a tour to climb the bridge, not only do you have the chance to take in the panoramic, multi-coastal view, but you can feel like a legitimate New Zealand daredevil as you stand above the traffic below. Or, for an extreme thrill that is sure to rank as one of your top experiences in New Zealand, book an adventure that has you strapping a bungy cord around your ankles and jumping toward the water of the harbor. With cheeks flapping in the rush of wind and the iconic landmark as your platform, taking the plunge is one of the best activities in Auckland.
Adresse: Northern Motorway, Auckland, New Zealand
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