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Auckland Fish Market

Whether you see it, hear it, or smell it first, approaching the bustling Auckland Fish Market is always an exciting experience. Here along Auckland’ famous waterfront, fisherman returning back to the docks come to sell their fresh catch at auction, and diners come to feast on fish that was literally caught that morning. At the popular Auckland Seafood School, learn how to cook and prepare new dishes with a rotating schedule of classes, or simply stroll through the retail market where a dozen restaurants, shops, and grocers sell everything pertaining to fish. There’s sushi served in tight little hand rolls and baskets of fish and chips, and markets selling everything from smoked fish or lobster to wine from Auckland’s best vineyards. Go behind the scenes on a special tour that shows how the fish market functions—from where the fishermen drop off their catch after spending all night at sea, to where local chefs and restaurateurs come to purchase the freshly caught fish.

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