Moral House (Casa de Moral)

Built around 1730, this large ancestral house is an excellent well-preserved example of baroque-mestizo architecture. The name of the house has nothing to do with ethics, but instead derives from the ancient mulberry (“moras”) tree in the central courtyard. Visitors will enter through a white sillar arch adorned with precisely detailed carvings of figures and symbols. For instance, one of the them is a coat of arms made of smaller carvings including a puma, bird, castle and two crossed keys, held up by two angels, while a crown floats above.

Inside, you’ll find sculptures, furniture, embellishments and artwork, including pieces from the Cusco School of Painting, one of the most important in American Art. Immersing yourself in this world will make you feel like a wealthy Peruvian during the 16th century. Out back, you can stroll through a small but well-manicured garden that is nice for taking pictures. There is also a small museum focused on Peruvian banknotes, as well as a map collection charting South American development.
Adresse: Calle Moral 318, Arequipa, Peru
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Privat tur: Colonial Arequipa Inklusive Recoleta Convent og Casa del Moral

Start på en næsten 4-timers guidet tur på Arequipas store koloniale steder, herunder Franciscan Recoleta Convent og byens Vallecito, St Lazarus og Cayma-distrikterne. Denne private sightseeingtur dræber i Arequipas fascinerende koloniale fortid og viser nogle af sine mest kendte koloniale attraktioner. Besøg Casa del Moral, et hjem fra det 18. århundrede fyldt med koloniale malerier, og tag i en spektakulær udsigt over Arequipa fra Carmen Alto synspunkt, der har udsigt over byen.
  • Varighed: 3 timer 30 minutter
  • Udbydes på: engelsk
35,10 $ USD
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  • Varighed: 3 timer 30 minutter
  • Udbydes på: engelsk
35,10 $ USD

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