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Antalya Suggested Itineraries

Af Viator, July 2015

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Close by to Antalya are two important historical sites, and you can visit them in one day. Perge is the place where most of the statues that are on display in Antalya Museum were unearthed. An important city of ancient Parnphylia, it was originally settled by the Hittites around 1500 BC. Here you’ll find carvings, an intact city gate and a long colonnaded road once paved with mosaics and lined with shops, a large agora, the public baths and a gymnasium.

Side is a pretty resort town. Its ancient ruins, two sandy beaches, numerous shops and extensive tourist accommodation attract hundreds of visitors. The extensive Roman baths are now a museum, which houses one of Turkey's finest archaeological collections. Kaleiçi is the historical quarter of Antalya, and one of the major reasons for the city’s tourism-led renaissance.

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