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Beer & Cheese in Amsterdam

Af Viator, October 2017

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Beer- and cheese-lovers are right at home in Amsterdam, where Dutch cheeses like Gouda, Edam and Leiden make up a healthy part of the cuisine and Dutch lagers are consumed heartily. To get the full cheese experience, head to a cheese market like Alkmaar, open weekly during the summer. A guided tour to the 400-year-old Alkmaar market will get you a scenic countryside drive and the chance to see cheese-carriers dressed in traditional costumes carry cheese through the village square. The tour also includes a stop at the cheese factory in Edam, where Edam cheese, traditionally sold in a circular shape coated with wax, is made. Of course, cheese makes you thirsty so you’ll need some beer to help wash it down. Dutch beers are mostly pale lagers (you can also find special brews like witbier and bok), the most famous of which are Heineken, brewed since 1873, and Grolsch, founded in 1615. Other Dutch breweries include Brand and Bavaria.

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  • Stedangivelse: Amsterdam, Holland
  • Varighed: 6 timer
Fra USD 21,30